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Finding the Perfect Landing Spot for NASA’s Moon Mission Will Be Tricky

Science & Technology - 2 hours 43 min ago

For the pending Artemis missions to the Moon, NASA has already selected the southern polar region as the destination for its astronauts, but an exact landing spot has yet to be determined. Given the needs of the Artemis program, this won’t be easy.


Apple Had a Better Holiday Than Literally Anyone Else

Science & Technology - 3 hours 10 min ago

We’re well into the second decade of iPhone sales, and with the covid-19 pandemic devastating economies worldwide, some wondered: Would 2020 be the year that Apple’s runaway revenue train finally slowed down? The answer is decidedly: lol no.


Discord Bans r/WallStreetBets For Hate Speech Violations

Science & Technology - 3 hours 24 min ago

After kicking off a historic rally around GameStop stock that has incited the ire of hedge fund tycoons and the SEC, the r/wallstreetbets channel was banned from Discord on Wednesday over apparent hate speech violations.


U.S. Navy Documents Discuss Creating a 'Spacetime Modification Weapon'

Science & Technology - 3 hours 35 min ago

The U.S. Department of Defense spent close to half a million dollars—at least $466,810—on fringe science research, in the hopes of someday creating an aircraft that bends the laws of physics. That news comes via a new report from the War Zone, which recently acquired DoD documents via a public records request as part…


Doctors Studied People's Last Moments of Life to Figure Out When Death Begins

Science & Technology - 4 hours 2 min ago

New research suggests that doctors are, thankfully, skilled at correctly identifying a person’s time of death—a crucial aspect of ensuring healthy organs for donation. At the same time, the body can sometimes show flitters of cardiac activity even after death has become truly irreversible, according to the study


Congressional Panel: We Have a 'Moral Imperative' to At Least Consider Building a Terminator

Science & Technology - 4 hours 58 min ago

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, a congressional advisory panel—helmed by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt—has mulled whether or not the U.S. should deploy artificially intelligent autonomous weapons, and, after taking into account the numerous reasons it would be a terrible idea, decided …


Twitter User Hit With Criminal Charges for Memetic Voter Suppression in 2016 Election

Science & Technology - 5 hours 8 min ago

If the online MAGA army wasn’t nervous before today, the Department of Justice just gave them a good reason to tighten their sphincters. In a surprising announcement, DOJ officials said on Wednesday that they’ve charged a prominent Twitter user with taking part in a conspiracy to trick citizens into not voting during…


How Joe Biden Wins the Climate Messaging War and Fixes the Crisis

Science & Technology - 5 hours 18 min ago

When President Joe Biden revoked the Keystone XL pipeline permit, Republicans responded by over-inflating job loss numbers and generally making stuff up. On Wednesday, though, the administration showed it won’t cede ground to the lies.


Intel Launches Its First Desktop Graphics Cards in More Than 20 Years

Science & Technology - 5 hours 43 min ago

It’s been more than 20 years since Intel released its last desktop graphics card, the Intel740, but as of yesterday the company is officially back in the discrete GPU game.


The Star Wars Games We Want to See Out of Lucasfilm's New Era

Science & Technology - 5 hours 58 min ago

Earlier this month, Lucasfilm announced something of a pivot in its video game licensing. Rebranding its outreach as Lucasfilm Games, it looked toward a future where studios outside of EA, which currently holds an exclusivity deal until 2023, could make Star Wars games. Naturally, that led to us inevitably making a…


'World's Most Dangerous Malware' Botnet Disrupted by Global Police Sting

Science & Technology - 6 hours 48 min ago

The criminal operation behind a dangerous, global botnet has been disrupted.


Alexa Can Now Bark Like a Dog to Scare People Away When You're Not at Home

Science & Technology - 7 hours 13 min ago

You typically use Amazon’s Alexa to play music, provide weather forecasts, and respond to other household requests. But Alexa just got a somewhat unusual new skill: the ability to bark like a dog.


DeskStand Is a Neat Standing Desk Solution That Isn't Heinous

Science & Technology - 7 hours 43 min ago

When space is limited and corners of your home have to be multi-functional, consider a standing desk converter that can easily break down to be stored out of sight.


Samsung Heir: Sorry I'm in Jail, but Uh, Please Keep Working

Science & Technology - 8 hours 18 min ago

Everyone’s had a boss who sent a tone-deaf email but imprisoned Samsung heir apparent Lee Jae-yong has one-upped them all. Sending a message on Samsung’s intranet, Lee apparently apologized for landing himself in jail once again and urged them to “maintain their work” in his absence, Yonhap reports.


Sling TV Prices Are Going Up Now, Too

Science & Technology - 8 hours 53 min ago

One of the best cable alternatives for live TV enthusiasts is getting a price hike.


The Expanse Will Rip Your Heart Out and Make It Feel Good

Science & Technology - 8 hours 58 min ago

The end is near, Screaming Firehawks, and with just one Expanse episode to go after this week’s blazing “Winnipesaukee,” the stage is set for a finale full of questions that need answering, conflicts we hope to see resolved, and a reunion we’ve been waiting almost all of season five to see. But first: PUNCH IT!


Musk and Bezos Scrap Over Who Gets to Be Space King

Science & Technology - 9 hours 38 min ago

The two wealthiest men in the world—Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos—are bickering about their competing satellite internet projects, in an argument prompted by SpaceX’s recent request to move some Starlink satellites to a lower orbit.